Friday, 29 June 2012

Pixi Lip Glow Kit in Tan Topper: Review & Swatches

Don't you just hate it when you have a gorgeous little clutch to match your amazing outfit, but you can hardly fit ANYTHING in it?! The practical thing would be to obviously carry a bigger bag, but at the expense of ruining your whole glammed-up look- you get what I mean? A clutch adds style to your look; it can bling out a simple outfit, and add a touch of elegance to your overall look. I mean, that IS the only reason why most of us spend so much on clutches- they're simply an impractical necessity! Of course, it is nothing short of a miracle when we ladies, who carry around so many items in our handags that we forget what we have in there, manage to fit everything we need into one teeny little clutch! Ok, so perhaps we won't be needing to carry our notebook, current novel and some granola bars in our clutches, but what about lipsticks, eye shadows, blusher, concealer, make up brushes and eyeliners?! We need them for those touch-ups after eating, drinking and perhaps even sweating!

This is why I love palettes! I was at a wedding on Sunday, and I managed to fit in everything I needed, simply because most of what I needed came in one dinky palette! Now that's what I call practical! I love my Lancome Tendre Voyage palette which I bought over a year ago from duty-free. It contains two lip colours with a lip brush, four eye shadows with  a double-end brush, a blush with a brush and a mirror. Perfect!

However, I am reviewing a different palette today, which I purchased not long ago: Pixi Lip Glow Kit in #Tan Topper

This is my first Pixi product, and I must say, although the plastic packaging feels a tad bit cheap, I am impressed! It contains eight different lip colour shades, including a mirror and a lip brush.

 Lips shades from first row of palette- IN NATURAL LIGHT

Lip shades from first row of palette- WITH FLASH

 Lip shades from second row of palette- IN NATURAL LIGHT

Lip shades from second row of palette- WITH FLASH

The colours range from sheer to medium sheer, and are rather moisturising on the lips. I find that if you apply a couple of layers, the colours can be made to look less sheer. They have good lasting power, lasting a couple of hours before fading, and the colour fades evenly. Although the lip colours are slightly glossy, they do not feel sticky on the lips thankfully, as I am not a big user of lip glosses. 

There is not much else to say about this palette, except that it is convenient to carry around, will fit into your clutch easily and great for changing your lip colour from a daytime look to an evening look. The mirror adds to the practicality of this product, and although the lip brush is a bonus, I prefer just to use my fingers. I would recommend this product as I like that the texture of these lip colours are somewhat a cross between a lipstick and lip gloss. I bought this palette on offer for £7, which I think is a great price for what you get, so would definitely repurchase if it is continued to be sold at this price!

RATING: 8/10