Friday, 22 June 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Pulped Pomegranate Passion Peel Off Face Mask: Review

Wasn't playing with PVA glue at school so fun?! I used to deliberately paint my hands all over with PVA glue just so that it can dry and I can peel it off! It was the only part of doing art in primary school that I actually enjoyed. I hated art back then. The painting and colouring was fun but it was the cleaning up part which I hated with a passion. 

Talking of peel-offs and passion, I recently tried a Montagne Jeunesse face mask: Pulped Pomegranate Passion Peel Off. I love peel-off masks! It's that weird feeling you get when you're peeling the mask off- just like peeling off PVA glue! My poor little brother got freaked out when he saw me with a shiny, plastic-y looking face, and even more so when he saw me peeling it off- he thought it was my skin! He kept staring at me half-scared, half-curious and utterly confused!

Anway, more onto the mask...I've never tried a Montagne Jeunesse mask before. I always see them in Boots and Superdrugs, but I never cared to take a good look at them as I always assumed these are one of those cheap products that will be of less benefit and the cause of more blemishes. But after reading some great reviews of these masks online, I thought to myself that I must give these a go! 

The Pulped Pomegranate Passion Peel Off mask has a sticky, gel-like texture but is easy to apply all over the skin. Unlike what it shows in the picture, the colour is red and not purple, but there could be variations in colour due to the natural ingredients used: pomegranate, passion flower, grape, rasberry, cranberry and vitamin E. As you can probably imagine, this smells absolutely divine! I had to resist the temptation to lick it off around my mouth! 

You leave this mask on until it completely dries and is ready to be peeled off- it took 30 minutes for it to completely dry on my skin but this was probably because I had applied it thick to use the whole sachet up. It feels refreshing whilst on my skin, and as with all peel-off masks, has a tightening effect as it starts to dry. I had to avoid looking at my brother, because the look on his face kept making me want to laugh, and you cannot laugh with a peel-off mask on!! You cannot even a move a muscle on your face whilst it's on, else the mask starts to crack and peel! 

It was easy to peel off- this is the fun part! I challenged myself to peel the mask off as a whole ('How old are you?' you ask...23), rather than in bits and bobs, and I did succeed to an extent, except a small patch still left on my cheek! After splashing my face with cold water, my skin felt soft, cleansed and...well, that's it really. It hadn't seemed to have done any wonders on my skin, but it didn't break me out either. My skin just felt...nice. However, the next morning, my skin did look much clearer and the few spots I had on my face from before seemed to have shrunk in size. 

I do recommend this product for a fun, pampering treat! I think this would be a great mask to use the night before an event or a party, as it seems to really clear up your complexion overnight. It's also great for a girly night in with some friends! I would definitely repurchase, and would love to try the other masks in the Montagne Jeunesse range.

RATING: 7/10

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  1. I love peel off masks. This sounds amazing! :D